Revelation 16

Revelation 16:1 says “Then I heard a loud voice from the temple saying to the seven angels, “Go and pour out the bowls of the wrath of God on the earth.” Chapter 16 is all about the 7 bowls of wrath. Notice there are some similarities between these and the first 4 seals (Ch.6), the trumpet judgments of 8-9, and even the plagues of Egypt.

The first 4 bowls affect humans, the sea, rivers and springs of water, and the sun (producing a scorching heat).

The 5th produces darkness on the throne of the beast.

The 6th dries up the Euphrates preparing a way for kings of the east to come. Three unclean spirits, like frogs, persuade the kings of the earth to enter in to battle at the place called Armageddon.

When the 7th angel pours out his bowl a loud voice cries “It is done”. This is followed by earthquakes, thundering and lightening and this is described as God’s wrath falling upon Babylon.

Why do verses 5-7 say God is righteous in sending these plagues on the earth?

How are these punishments connected to the cry of martyrs back in 6:9-11?

About Armageddon. If Babylon (God’s great enemy in the Old Testament) could be used symbolically for Rome (the enemy of the churches of Revelation), perhaps a great battlefield from the Old Testament (Megiddo) could be used to describe the stage for the decisive battle between God and His enemies in the book of Revelation?

This is the only time the word Armageddon is found in the Bible. There was a battlefield in the Old Testament at a place called Megiddo. Some say Ar-megeddon means “the mountain of Megiddo”. It was there that King Josiah died (2 Chronicles 35:22). It was also the site of a few other significant battles and deaths (Judges 5:19, 2 Kings 9:27).

We use the word “Waterloo” in a similar way. If I say someone is going to their Waterloo it is understood I am not talking about the town in Belgium where Napolean was defeated, but rather that I am speaking figuratively of someone’s decisive moment of defeat. Perhaps this is the key to understanding Armegeddon?

2 thoughts on “Revelation 16

  1. v6 is graphic in its description of God avenging His people whose blood had been shed. With the description of these furies it is difficult to understand why it didn’t lead to repentance. I’m thinking of how depraved a society must be not to turn to God for relief. But it also reminds me to be attentive to my own perspective and attitude and to be more open to correction before it requires a wrecking ball to get my attention.

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  2. I agree with Mary KAY. God is sending judgement on the rulers and people who killed Christians. The sin was out of control and vs. 9 says the sinful would not repent. Rather than repent they blasphemed God. A lesson we should take to heart In This wicked world.

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