Great Chapters in the Life of Jesus: The Resurrection

The end of each of the 4 gospels tell about the resurrection of Jesus. (Matthew 24, Mark 16, Luke 24, and John 20)

Why did the ladies go to the tomb early on the 1st day of the week?

When the women reported to the disciples, how did they react? (See Mark 16:11 and 14)

Why do you think that, in spite of the numerous times Jesus told them plainly (Luke 24:6-7) that he would die and be raised the third day, no one really expected it?

What emotions do the gospel writers record as the disciples began to realize Jesus was raised from the dead?

Matthew 28:8 –

Mark 16:8 –

Luke 24:11 –

Luke 24:12 –

Luke 24:32 –

Luke 24:37 –

Luke 24:41 –

John 20:8 –

Finally, after Thomas saw Jesus a week later, how does he react? John 20:28 –

Join us for virtual Bible class Wednesday night at 7 pm as we review this lesson together.

We have one more lesson to go in this series! Next week will study the Ascension of Jesus.

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