Lesson 11 – David’s Reign Continues

Lesson Eleven:  David’s Reign Continues

2 Samuel 7 and 9


2 Samuel 7 – David’s desire to build the Temple.

2 Samuel 6 – David honors Mephibosheth.



  1. What is the state of David’s kingdom at this time? (2 Samuel 7:1)
  2. How would you judge David’s request?
  3. What did Nathan think of David’s ideas?
  4. What does the Lord say first in response to David’s desire to build a house for God? (6-7)
  5. Consider the remainder of the Lord’s answer: v8-17.
  6. Will a house be built?   By whom?   When?
  7. What does 1 Chronicles 28:3 suggest about why David was not allowed to build the temple? What do you think that means?
  8. What promise does God make to David in verse 16?
  9. What is the additional fulfillment of this promise made to David?  See Acts 2:29-30. 
  10. What parts of this promise could not apply to Solomon?  What parts could not apply to Jesus?
  11. Read these verses and summarize David’s response. How would you say David has handled himself through this episode?’


  1. What is David’s concern in 9:1-3?  What does 9:1 show about his character?
  2. Who was Mephibosheth and what had happened to him? See 2 Samuel 4:1-4.
  3. Why might Mephibosheth have been afraid when he was called to David’s house?
  4. Read about how David treats Mephibosheth in verses 7-13. What do we learn about David from this episode?
  5. How might this be a foreshadowing of the eventual Son of David, Jesus?

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