Lesson 19 – Solomon Builds The Temple


1 Kings 5 – Solomon and Hiram’s agreement, Solomon’s Labor Force,

1 Kings 6 – Solomon Builds The Temple

1 Kings 7 – Solomon’s Other Buildings, The Work of Huram and all the articles for the temple.

1 Kings 8 – Solomon Dedicates the Temple



What is the contrast between David’s reign and Solomon’s reign in 5:2-4?

What commodity did Solomon seek from Hiram?  5:6.  What did Solomon give in exchange?

How many men were involved in building the temple (5:13-16) and how long did it take? (6:38)

What do these verses tell us about the features of the temple?





2 Chronicles 5:7-8

How long did Solomon take to build his own house? (7:1)

What was in the ark when it was moved into the temple? (8:1-9)

What happened when the priests came out after placing the ark in the most holy place?  What does this signify? (8:10-11)

What does Solomon acknowledge about the temple in his prayer at the dedication (8:27)

Browse over 8:28-53.  According to these verses what purpose was the temple going to play in the life of the nation of Israel?

What did Solomon tell Hiram would be the purpose of the temple? (2 Chronicles 2:3-4)

Describe the conclusion of this temple dedication ceremony (8:54-56)

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