Lesson 20 – Solomon’s Downfall and Death

Text: 1 Kings 9-11


1 Kings 9 – God appears a second time to Solomon; Details of Solomon’s Physical Accomplishments.

1 Kings 10 – Queen of Sheba visits Solomon, More about Solomon’s Prosperity.

1 Kings 11 – Solomon’s Wives and Idolatry. Solomon Judged By God for Idolatry. Adversaries of Solomon. Solomon’s Death.


What two paths does God present to Solomon? (1 Kings 9:1-9)

How impressed was the Queen of Sheba with the wealth and wisdom of Solomon? (1 Kings 10:5-10)

Browse over 10:10-29.  What stands out to you about the prosperity of Solomon?

Solomon married foreign women but what additional sin did this lead to? (1 Kings 11:4-8)

What would be the punishment for Solomon’s sin? (1 Kings 11:11-13)

Who were the adversaries of Solomon? Who would take part of his Kingdom? (1 Kings 11:14-40)

What are your thoughts on the final statements about Solomon in the book of 1 Kings 11? Where is he spiritually as far as what 1 Kings and 2 Chronicles have to say?


2 thoughts on “Lesson 20 – Solomon’s Downfall and Death

  1. I was enjoying Wednesday night Bible studies on Facebook where the Zoom was recorded, but i haven’t been able to see in several weeks. Will it not be recorded anymore for later viewing? Thanks, Carleen


    1. Thanks Carleen

      We had to change the address of our Facebook page the new one is…


      It was a terrible inconvenience and it was tough to get the word to everyone because we no longer have access to our site.

      You shouldBe able to find it at the new address.

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