Elijah: The Troubler Of Israel

Later in his life Elijah is called “the troubler of Israel” by his enemy Ahab. Such is how those who are rebuked by God’s prophets often react to the prophet doing the correction. But really it is the sinful leaders who are troubling God’s people. (1 Kings 18:17-18)

The setting for the career of Elijah: 1 Kings 16:29-33. How would you describe the reign of Ahab? What did he introduce in Israel that was a new form of sin?

Looking ahead, in chapter 18:4, what deed had Jezebel performed at some point after Ahab became king?

We are first introduced to Elijah in 17:1. What do we learn about him from this verse?

Through the rest of chapter 17 God directs Elijah to a brook and then to the home of a widow. What lessons do you think we should take away from the story of Elijah at the Brooke Cherith and Elijah at the home of the widow of Zarephath?

These chapters contain highs and lows: Elijah is sustained at the brook for a time, then the water dries up.  The Widow receives a miraculous supply of food, then her son dies. In what way is this true in our lives today?

Elijah and Elisha are known for the miracles they perform.  What lesson did the widow learn from Elijah raising her son from the dead? (17:24)

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