Final Events In The Life of Elijah

Elijah and Naboth and Jezebel – 1 Kings 21

Read 21:1-14. How do you feel about Ahab’s behavior in the matter of Naboth’s vineyard?

What would a good wife say to her husband in this situation? What is Jezebel’s plan instead?

What judgment does Elijah pronouce on Ahab and Jezebel? 21:21-24.

What (surprising perhaps?) revelation do we see about Ahab in 21:27-29? Looking back over the story are there any other indications that there was something good in his heart?

Elijah and Ahaziah

Ahaziah was the son of Ahab (1 Kings 22:51-53)

We dont know much about Ahaziah except that he was evil like his father and that he was severely injured in an accident. See 2 Kings 1:1-2.

To whom did he turn when he had his accident?

The only uses of the word Baal-zebub are in this chapter and it is also used in a story in the life of Jesus in Matthew 12:22-24. With what is Baal-zebub associated in Matthew 12?

What is the response of God to this inquiry? 2 Kings 1:3-4.

Ahaziah sent 3 groups of men to Elijah. What happened to each group? (verses 9-15).

Elijah finally confronted Ahaziah himself in 2 Kings 1:15-17. What does this, and other times Elijah delivered the word of the Lord reveal to us about Elijah as a prophet?

Elijah in the New Testament

Note some of the times that Elijah is mentioned in the New Testament. How does the Old Testament history of his life help us understand these passages?

Mark 9:11-14 (see also Luke 1:17)

Luke 9:28-36

Romans 11:1-5

James 5:16-18

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