Jonah and Spiritual Growth (1)

In this series we will look at the book of Jonah – one chapter each week.

In particular we will be looking at the lessons we can learn from Jonah about what it means to be growing as a godly man or woman. Jonah had many faults and his story will give us opportunity to examine our own hearts and lives in many critical areas!


What command did God give to the prophet?

Jonah is also mentioned in 2 Kings 14:25. This is about the same time where we left off in our previous study of the Divided Kingdom. In the Kings, Israel is taken into captivity by the Assyrians in chapter 17. Ninevah is the capital of Assyria. How does this help is better understand Jonah?

Later the book will give us more insight into why he did not obey the command of God. In fact, Jonah himself states the reason. How would you summarize his decision? (See 3:10-4:2).

What word do you see repeated in verses 3-5 (also 2:6) that could symbolically describe the consequences of ignoring the will of God?

What confession does Jonah make to the sailors in verse 9? Does he truly “fear God”? How does Jonah look as a representative of God?

What could you say about the moral integrity of the captain and Sailors?


  • A life that is growing spiritually shows consistency between words and works.
  • A life that is growing spiritually sets an example for the non-believing world – not the other way around!

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