The Church As A Flock Of Sheep

This week’s lesson is to consider how the church is frequently described as a flock of sheep and how God’s people in the Old and New Testament are frequently described as sheep.

In what ways are Christians like sheep? What do these verses suggest?

Isaiah 53:6

Isaiah 53:7

Matthew 9:36

John 10:3

John 10:4

The church as a flock of sheep: In Acts 20:28-30, who is the flock? Who is the shepherd (see also verse 17)? Who are the wolves?

What lessons are we to learn from the way the Bible describes the church as a flock of sheep?

Some other verses to consider: Psalm 23, Luke 12:22-32, 1 Peter 5:1-4, Matthew 7:15, John 10:14-16.

Share any thoughts you have in the comments section below. Join us Wednesday night for a review of this material on Facebook Live and Zoom.


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