The Bible Is Like A Mirror

The main passage that speaks of the Bible as a mirror is James 1:21-25.

What is the purpose of a mirror?

How does the Bible help us see ourselves as we really are?

What is the main point being made in James 1:21-25 (see verse 22).

How does the mirror illustration drive home that point?

Why do we go to church, according to Ecclesiastes 5:1?

In light of James 1:21-25, it is not enough to “draw near to hear”. What more should we do?

How does James define “true, undefiled religion” in verses 26 and 27?

What is your main take away when you consider that the Bible is like a mirror?

Please share any thoughts, comments, or questions you have in the reply box below! We will review this lesson together online Wednesday night at 7! Join us on Facebook Live or Zoom.


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