The Bible Is Like Fire

This week’s metaphor is that the word of God is a fire!

In what ways would you say God’s word is like a fire? What do fires do that the word of God also does? Give at least 3 comparisons:




How does Jeremiah use the fire comparison in Jeremiah 5:14 and 23:29?

In what sense does Jeremiah mean the word of God was like a fire in 20:9?

More comparisons:

How does Acts 2 use the idea of a fire? What is associated with a fire in Acts 2:1-4?

Luke 24:13-35 Why did the two disciples say their “heart burned within them?” Important: note carefully when they said this.

What is your main take away when you consider that the Bible is a Fire?

Share any thoughts, comments, or questions in the reply box below! Join us Wednesday night at 1796 Old Middleburg Road for Bible study. You can also watch the class on Facebook Live.


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