God Is A Father

We are studying metaphors for God seeking to understand what God is like. In contrast to “our God is a consuming fire” and even God is a Rock, is today’s lesson, God is a Father.

There are at least two senses in which this is true:

  1. As creator God is the life giver and universal father to all human kind. Like a father He loves us all and provides for us. As His offspring we should love, trust, and respect Him.
  2. Christians have God as their father in a unique sense. By the new birth we become children of God and enjoy an even closer relationship with Him.

Who was Paul preaching to in Acts 17:22 and how does he describe their relationship with God (26-29)?

What blessings fall upon all mankind because God is our Father? Note several ideas in Acts 17:25-28

What obligations does Paul preach in the same passage? (Acts 17:29-31)

To whom is God a spiritual father? Galatians 3:26-29.

What blessings and obligations do you see in these verses that describe God as our Spiritual Father?

Galatians 3:29-4:7

1 John 3:1-3

Psalms 103:13

We will review this material together Wednesday night at the Lakeshore building at 1796 Old Middleburg Road North, Jacksonville, Florida. We will also be streaming out class on Facebook. Join us in person or use the facebook link else where on their page to watch class Wednesday night at 7!


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