In this week’s lesson we will study about the first exiles that returned to Jerusalem, the restoration of worship, and the beginning of rebuilding of the Temple. Our text is Ezra 1-3.

Who was Cyrus? What was the Decree of Cyrus?

Why might this have been a hard decision for some of the Jews? Consider on this a letter Jeremiah had written to the captives in Jeremiah 29:5-7. How did those who did not return contribute? (1:6)

How many returned according to chapter 2:64.

What two “Home Again Heroes” do we read about in Ezra 3:1-2? Who were these men? (For help with Zerubbabel see 1 Chron.3:15-17 and Matthew 1:12).

What did they do in the 7th month? What is the significance of the 7th month? (Leviticus 23:23-44).

How is 3:3 a testimony to the faith of the Home Again Heroes? What similar situation might we find ourselves in today?

What mixed sounds were heard at the laying of the foundation of the Temple?


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