Text: Nehemiah 7-9

The wall being completed, Nehemiah now works to return the life of the returned exiles to normalcy.

Who was Hanani (see also 1:2) and what role did Nehemiah give to him? What other assignments are made in the early part of chapter 7?

How does Chapter 7 close?

Describe the assembly led by Ezra and Nehemiah in chapter 8. Look for details about the assembly. For example, how did they show respect for the word of God? What other details do you see? What lessons could we learn from this?

What commandment was given in 8:9? What does it say was the reason for this?

At the end of chapter 8 the nation observes the feast of Tabernacles. Read about this feast and describe what it would have been like to participate. See also Leviticus 23:39-44 and Deuteronomy 16:13-17.

Chapter 9 continues describing the assembly. The highlight of this chapter is a long prayer (beginning in verse 5) that reviews the history of the nation. Read it over making a note of anything important or interesting.

What truth about God is stated in 9:17?

How does the prayer end and what do the people commit to doing?

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