Reminder: For class on March 22 we did not fully complete lesson 10. We will begin class on 3/22 looking at the prayer in Nehemiah 9. See Lesson #10 for questions.


Nehemiah 10 –

At the end of chapter 9 many of the children of Israel confessed their sins and vowed to make a covenant to God.  Chapter 10:1-27 is a list of those who placed their seal on the document.

What were some of the specific promises in the covenant that was made?  (See verse 28 -end of chapter).

What purpose is stated in the last verse of the chapter?

Nehemiah 11 –

What issue is dealt with in the first part of Chapter 11?

Nehemiah 12

Chapter 12 begins with a listing of the priests going back to the first return, then beginning in verse 27 we read about the dedication of the wall. Describe the pageantry and joy associated with the dedication of the wall.          

Nehemiah 13        

The book of Nehemiah closes with more errors needing to be corrected. After the dedication of the wall we might have hoped for a brighter note as the book concludes but there are still many areas of unfaithfulness. What are some of them?

What phrase is repeated in 14, 22, and 31?

What main lessons do you take away from this study of Nehemiah?


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