Passover Week: Sunday

This week we will have a special lesson every day as we work our way together through the things Jesus did during Passover week leading up to and after His death on the cross. Everything in the Bible preceding this was aiming toward the events of what us called the Passion Week or Holy Week.

We invite you to join us for this study and participate by sharing your thoughts so that we can all appreciate the way Jesus completed His mission to become a sacrifice for our sin.

The “Triumphant Entry” is one of the few things Jesus did in His earthly ministry that had a “kingly nature” about it, yet even this was done in a humble way. What was “kingly” about the way Jesus entered Jerusalem? What was “un-kingly”? (Matthew 21:1-17).

What else was special about His entrance to the city?

As He approached the city what emotions does Luke tell us He experienced? (Luke 19:41-44).

After visiting the city, where did Jesus go? (Mark 11:11) What thoughts do you think occupied His mind that night knowing His time had come?

Please share any thoughts you have about this lesson in the reply box below. Lets use this page to exchange ideas and discuss and learn from this precious part of the Bible story. Share with others that you think might want to learn more about Jesus!

2 thoughts on “Passover Week: Sunday

  1. Jesus entry to Jerusalem was “kingly” because of the adulation of the massive crowd, but “unkingly” in that He rode upon a donkey and not an impressive steed. Also He is seated on the peoples’ cloaks and not a fine leather saddle and in regal finery. After entering Jerusalem, Jesus went to the temple courts to look around but then went to Bethany for the night. One reason the shouting crowd followed Him was being impressed with the miracles He had done, especially the raising of Lazarus, although some Pharisees expressed disagreement with what was occurring.


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