Passover Week: Tuesday

Tuesday of the Passover Week has been called “a day of controversy”. Jesus is back in the temple having discussions with the Pharisees and Sadducees. The Jews question Jesus’ authority and try to trap Him in His words. Jesus delivers several parables aimed at the Jews and concludes with a lengthy warning about their hypocrisies and coming judgement (Matthew 23, 24)

Leaving the temple (for the last time) Jesus’ disciples ask him about the buildings of the temple and He uses that moment to prophesy how Jerusalem would soon be destroyed (it was in 70 ad). At some point Jesus made His way to the mount of Olives, where he gave more parables that address everyone’s personal responsibility to be ready and watching.

The material gives you the feel that, though Salvation will be offered to all individually through the death of Jesus on the cross, God is done with the Jewish religious institutions.

Note the INTENSITY of some of the things Jesus says:

Matthew 21:31

Matthew 21:43, 44

Matthew 23:33-36

Matthew 24:2

Instead of Bethany, where does Jesus go at the end of this day? (Luke 21:37-38).

Before leaving the temple what is one of the last things Jesus observes that is in contrast to the arrogant Jewish leaders? (Luke 21:1-4)

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3 thoughts on “Passover Week: Tuesday

  1. We know that Jesus knows His crucifixion is near, but one also gets the sense that He is pressed to teach and encourage His disciples as much as possible at these last moments. These passages are so full as He admonishes them and us to humble ourselves, cling to the scriptures, stand fast, endure, love God and others. Before leaving the temple for the last time, Jesus observes the widow putting her mite in the offering. “Out of her poverty . . .” Powerful teaching!


    1. I had never seen or appreciated the timing of the widows mite story. He had just exposed the hypocrisies of the Pharisees and scribes, and now commends this widow, as being much more righteous than they were. In fact, the verse immediately before it said, one of the things the scribes and Pharisees did was “devour widows houses”. I think it impresses upon us what type of person God wants us to be – like the widow.


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