Passover Week: Friday

During the night Jesus was brought before the Jewish Sanhedrin where he was unlawfully tried and eventually condemned for blasphemy (claiming he was the Son of God). Just as Jesus had said, Peter, standing off from the trial, denied even knowing who Jesus was, and deeply regretted it later.

Having agreed on a conviction, the Jews send Jesus to the Romans hoping to secure a death sentence.

Pilate saw no basis for the charges against Jesus and tried to release Him but the Jewish leaders and the stirred-up crowds were relentless in crying for his crucifixion.

After having him beaten with whips (perhaps one last attempt to satisfy the Jews), Pilate gives in to the pressure and releases Jesus to be crucified.

The beatings and mockings continue as Jesus makes his way to Calvary where He is crucified between two criminals.

It takes 6 hours for His death to come.

Darkness covered the land from noon till 3pm when Jesus finally died. At the moment of His death, the Gospel accounts describe an earthquake and the tearing of the veil in the temple. Jesus’ body was then taken down from the cross and placed in a nearby tomb.

“Lifted up was He to die, it is finished was His cry!” What meaning do you see in Jesus words “it is finished” (John 19:30).

What thoughts do you have about Jesus being crucified between two common criminals?

How does this story fullfill Isaiah’s prophecy “He was led as a lamb to the slaughter” (Isaiah 53:7).

3 thoughts on “Passover Week: Friday

  1. I have truly enjoyed this Passover Study. Reminded what Jesus did for me and why makes me more grateful and humble. Jesus endured so much and to Commune with fellow Believers EVERY 1st day of the week is a humbling experience and honor in His memory. This lesson reminded me of being a servant, humility, grief, betrayal, forgiveness, connecting with God through prayer my list goes on and on. But in closing I will be mindful “must Jesus bear the Cross alone and all the world go free? No, there is a Cross for everyone and there is a Cross for me.” God bless until we meet again.


  2. Luke 22:37 “This scripture must be fulfilled in Me.” Everything that happened was the plan of God and so when Jesus says, “It is finished,” I believe He is referring to this plan set in place at creation to make salvation available to mankind. Hanging between two thieves was just another prophecy – but symbolic of Jesus standing between an unrepentant sinner and a one who repents of sin and is forgiven and accepted by the Christ.


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