HOME AGAIN HEROES, #16 – The Prophecy of Malachi

This week’s lesson on Malachi wraps up our study of the Home Again Heroes! Malachi is the last book in the Old Testament and it is followed by a 400 year period of Biblical silence before the New Testament begins.

As you read Malachi, what would you say is the spiritual condition of the nation as the Old Testament period comes to a close? Was the return from captivity a success?

Much of the book is a dialog between God and the people and there at least 8 sarcastic statements from the people recorded. For example, in chapter 1:2 God says “I have loved you” and the response of the people is, “In what way have you loved us?” Look for more examples of this through the book. Consider how these questions reflect a failure in the faith of the people and also consider how today we might say the same things to God.

What challenge does God give to the people in 3:10-11? How would this apply to us?

What does Malachi say about the importance of family? (2:14-16 and 4:6).

What does the book say will happen in the future in 3:1 and in chapter 4?

While waiting for these things to come what did Malachi say they were to do? (4:4).

Share any thoughts you have in the reply box below. We will review this material together Wednesday night at 7 pm in person at the Lakeshore Church (1796 Old Middleburg Road North) and also on Facebook Live.


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