Lesson 21 – Did Solomon Repent?

What are some of the good things that Solomon did?

What are the two “buts” in the life of Solomon?  (Some versions say “however” or something similar?

                1 Kings 7:1 –

                1 Kings 11:1 –

The record of the end of the life of Solomon in 1 Kings 11 is dark!  Review this chapter.  How dark is the chapter? Give examples.

What does verse 41 tell us about the life of Solomon?

One reason this matters is because we consider Solomon to be the wisest man who every lived and respect His writings as full of great wisdom. But the events of Chapter 11 might diminish that respect we have for Solomon.  The Kings account doesn’t describe a very wise man.

Compare the end of his life recorded in Chronicles (2 Chronicles 9:29-31). 

In what way is the Chronicles account different from the Kings account?

In what way is it similar?

Remember the promise God made to David. What did it say about his son?  (2 Samuel 7:12-16).

Theses are some of the reasons why many believe that Ecclesiastes was written at the end of Solomon’s life and that it reflects a penitent heart.

Consider especially these sections of the book:

1:1, 12-19


Chapter 11 and 12

 “Only the foolish learn from experience – the wise learn from the experience of others”.  How would this apply to our reading of Ecclesiastes?

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