We are going to be spending the next few weeks in the book of 1 Peter. Several things about this book make it appropriate for our church at this time:

A recent USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll asked Americans to describe 2021 in one word. The results were:

1. Awful/terrible/bad/sucked – 23%

2. Chaos/confusing/turmoil – 12%

3. Challenging/hard/rough – 11%

4. Disaster/train wreck/catastrophe – 6%

4. (Tied) Okay/good – 6%

The recipients of the letter were living in challenging times, especially because of their faith.

As announced Sunday, our “focus” for 2022 is “building a culture of evangelism”. 1 Peter says a lot about how trusting God difficult times can be a great opportunity to influence those who do not believe.

1 Peter also presents a stark contrast between the morals of popular culture and Christianity. Again, this is much like today. There is nothing new under the sun! We should be instructed and encouraged by what Peter said in his first letter.

For these reasons, I believe our time in 1 Peter over the next few Wednesday nights will be well spent and that we will see a practical relevance to our lives today!

What are some of the themes you see in 1 Peter?












To conclude the first lesson study the salutation of 1 Peter:

How does Peter describe the Christians in verse 1? See also 2:11 and Hebrews 11:13-16. What does this terminology say to you about the Christian life?

Spend a few moments in chapter 1:2. This is a tough verse! What ideas or questions come to mind as you read it?

Please share any thoughts you have here and then join us Wednesday night on facebook live or zoom for Bible study!

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