Review – what was the special purpose of Ezra’s return?  See Ezra 7:10-14, 25-26.

Chapter 9

  1. Soon after Ezra arrives, what disobedience to the law is discovered?
  2. How does Ezra react?  Why do you think he reacts this way?
  3. After his initial distress and astonishment, Ezra prays. Read his prayer in 9:6-15.  What stands out to you about the prayer?
  4. Why had God prohibited the intermarriage of his people with the peoples of Canaan?

Chapter 10

  1. How does Ezra and the leaders resolve the matter of the marriages to pagans? What solution did the violators agree to? (verse 2)
  2. What do we learn about Jonathan and Jahaziah in 10:15.
  3. What do you imagine one of these appointments with the elders and judges (10:14) looked like?
  4. How long did these proceedings require? 10:9, 17.
  5. Consider how Ezra’s leadership made others in Jerusalem sensitive to how they had violated God’s law. See 10:1-4.

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